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Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for June 2019

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 11th June 2019

Linda Kellie, Paul Green, Howard Cain, Joe Shovelton, Kim Waine, Janet Brown, Marlaine Whitham, Morag Tebbit, Steve Tebbit, Dawn Glynn, Peter Glynn.

Kathy Bradley, Paul Collins.

After Linda telling the meeting to forget the treasurer’s report as it was inaccurate, Howard proposed the minutes of the April meeting as a true record of the meeting. Kim seconded the motion and all agreed.

Matters Arising
Speeding in the village. Janet Brown tried to get in touch with Stacey regarding signage but was unsuccessful.

Ward Councillor’s Report
Janet told the meeting:- 1) She had been in touch with Liz Perry, Karen Hewitt, Another and eventually David Broom who visited Lawn’s Wood on Monday 10th June and he told Janet that the steps would be repaired. Thank you Janet for your dogged perseverance and patience in this request.

2) Local community groups were invited to crowd funding workshops in the Wigan area, one being on the 28th June, delivered at three times, 10 - 12, 1 – 3, and 5 – 7, in the Town Hall. People would be shown how to raise money in a step by step guide. This will be led by Charlotte Schofield, Community Capacity Officer.

3) Wigan Pride Event will be on Believe Square on Saturday 10th August between 11 and 5.

4) On 26th June between 11 and 2,there will be a Health Watch event in the Galleries. People are inviting directors to launch it. There will be talks about aims etc about Health Watch – there will be free health checks, stalls, stands, exhibitions, entertainment.

5) And also Eventbright – a portal for voluntary groups.

Marlaine told the meeting that she was delighted in relaying the fact that Paul Collins had been successful in being re-elected as Councillor to our ward. In the southern ward were Jessica Higham, Jon Whitely and John Ball. Janet was co-opted on. Congratulations to Paul and Janet. Marlaine also talked of the Clean Air Consultation, for which she is sending a link. Thank you Marlaine. The yellow signage had appeared on the main road after Morag’s survey, but the signage was taken from Crooke and placed on Wigan Lower Ground. They had been in Crooke for the scheduled six months.

Chairman's Report
Absent Vice Chair’s Report
Howard told the meeting that he had not attended the CDA meeting.

Treasurer’s Report

See attached form.

Secretary’s Report
None given.

Agenda Items
06.01 Shevington Fete 22nd June.
Discussion took place about the CVRA’s marquee.

Paul would produce Christmas cards and notelets to sell. He needs £30 for ink.

Dawn had made canal boat key rings and would produce a board and a tombola game involving keyrings and prizes. Linda, Kim, Dawn and Morag will find appropriate prizes. About 30 required. Linda will give £20 to Dawn.

Howard would produce Wacky Race Day fliers to give out at fete. Church would provide tables. Dawn would provide bunting. Mike Thomas has boards, photographs and the marquee.

Everyone who was helping on the day would wear a black t–shirt. Helpers should be on site at 8.30 am to set up.

06.02 Wacky Race Day
On the 18th August there will be a Crooke Wacky Race Day and picnic. The time will be from 1pm to 5pm, and races between 2 and 4. The council would be asked to mow the grass on the nursery field. People would be encouraged to walk to the venue as everyone would local. Types of races were discussed. £1 to enter.

06.03 Allotment Update
Thanks to Pete and Dawn, and Howard for efforts thus far. Morag said the allotment looked very good. Linda’s piece was lovely as well and a big thank you to Steve Stock who is keeping it mowed. Again Howard said that anyone could come and help.

03.04 Flyer.
Sam Hughes was not in attendance so Linda suggested that she would ask if he wanted to continue with the venture.

Dawn said she had planted an acer near the interpretation board. Thank you Dawn, the area looks well tended. Steve Tebbit had put some begonias into the log troughs. They are looking good too. The round pots are the responsibility of the Parish council and were waiting to be filled. Howard will talk to Mike Thomas about Moss Bank. Joe Shovelton told the meeting that the pub fence along the side of the pavement was in a dangerous state. Howard will talk to Dean MacDonald at the pub, regarding the fencing, and the planters on top of the wall. Howard also said that the entrance to the village looked messy. There was discussion about litter picks and it was decided that there would be the resumption of a group litter pick on Saturday June 29th commencing at 10 am in the pub car park. Linda will collect litter pickers from the Life Centre.

Steve T mentioned there was still no wheelchair access to Lawn’s Wood.

The meeting closed at 8.15 pm. Thanks to the Crooke Hall Inn for a much appreciated buffet.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at the Crooke Hall Inn at 7.00pm on Tuesday 9th July 2019.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for June 2019.

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