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Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for June 2018

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 12th June 2018

Howard Cain, Derek Keen, Linda Kellie, Mike Smith, Paul Collins, Morag Tebbit, Stephen Tebbit, Joe Shovelton, Kah Bradley, Gary Chadwick.

Hilda Snowden, Mandy Mousdell, Dawn Glyn, Janet Brown, Kim Waine, Paul Green, Christine Keen.

Matters Arising

Minutes of the May meeting
Minutes were proposed by Steve Tebbit, seconded by Mike Smith, and agreed by all.

Chairmanís Report
Not present.

Vice Chairmanís Report
Howard related dates from the Shevington and District Association.

1) Trip to Castle Howard on Saturday 23rd June, 6 places left.
2) Strawberry/scones at the Methodist Church in Shevington on Saturday 16th June, 10.30 -1.00.
3) Bowls Open Day Sun 22nd July, all welcome,12.00 -16.00.
4) Last fete planning meeting June 19th.
5) NW Ambulance Association delivering a Defib session at the Shevington Methodist Church on Tuesday 3rd July at 7pm.

Treasurerís Report
Linda told the meeting that the money from the closure of the RBS account still was not in the Unify Bank. She also said that when trying to apply for funding, statements for the previous 18 months were usually required but as the treasurer position had been effectively non existing for 2 years she had no statements. Paul advised her to liaise with him regarding funds from the Council, and use Brighter Borough money, applying to that via Crookeís password. Morag said she would give Linda the password. Mike Smith needed £500 for plants for the allotment.

6.01 Allotment
Mike Smith proposed that we call the allotment The Community Garden, a better name for the space, Gary seconded the proposal and all agreed. Mike went on to say that the two types of weather we had had in the last few months, a long period of rain, and a long period of sun had affected work in the garden.

He and Mike Thomas have still work to do with the digger, but one bed has been laid out, and the other will be done asap. Three trees are in, and fruit bushes are in. Three more trees are coming and more fruit bushes. The most pressing thing to do was to repair the fence between Elsieís allotment and the Garden. This was in hand. When extra manpower is needed the plea from Mike will be put on the WhatsAPP. Mike wanted to thank Steve Stock for his continual support for the Garden, his willingness to water the Garden, and mow the grass. CVRA gives a huge thank you to Steveís hard work.

6.02 Shevington Fete 2018
The next meeting was on June the 19th. The subcommittee had met once, but the meeting scheduled for the 11th June was cancelled due to illness. Derek was going to set up the Crooke Stall at 9.30 the morning of the fete, and anybody who could help would be very welcome. Morag and Steve had half the presentation boards and photos, MTh had the other half. Derek said that a few trophies would be on show. Derek would set up the projector, and Howard would download the Drone video from the Crooke website to give to him. The sub- committee were producing balloons, bookmarks, t-shirts to promote Crooke village.

6.03 Crooke Summer Fair
Howard cannot do the Card Game but that has been noted by the church. Gazebos were needed by the church, Howard said his was too bad to use. The CVRA marquee would still be thought about, even though someone told Sandra Makin it was too big. It was in Mike Thomasí land. Morag will ask about what was needed at church on Sunday.

6.04 Speeding in the village
Jim Haynes had approached Morag about whether she had a speed camera. She does not. She had enrolled on a Community Speedwatch Scheme but as no-one else had enrolled so nothing further has happened. Heather Farmer from Wigan Council, had sent an email stating what had been done and could be done. Discussion followed about possible plans of action, white lines, one way system around the green, etc. Paul suggested the secretary ask Heather to come to Crooke Village for a site visit and asked to be included in that. Linda asked about Neighbourhood Watch. Sandra Makin had been involved in that but had stepped down. Joe would try and find out who was involved in that.

6.05 Quiz Night
There will be a fund raising Quiz Night on Friday 22nd June at St Anneís Centre, raising funds for the last oak tree to be planted in the District commemorating the 5 years of the First World War. Four have already been planted, Crooke had theirs planted last November, and Standish Lower Ground will be the last to have one.

Please come. It will be a lovely evening, there will be prizes to be won in the raffle, and it will be an excellent quiz to participate in. Howard, Kath, Steve and Morag took part last year and it was a great evening. It will cost £5 to enter, a buffet will be provided, and you bring your own drink.

Steve told the meeting that the Council had repaired the gate between the Nursery and the church on to the field promptly and well done. The grass cutting of the playing field was a mess as the blades seemed to be blunt. Paul said that he had had a number of complaints from around the borough on this issue. Paul will look into this.

Derek told the meeting that he was very unhappy that no-one had turned up for a litter pick. He was unhappy also about the lack of enthusiasm from the villagers. Mike Smith said it was everyoneís responsibility to keep our village beautiful. Howard said you canít make people do anything. The litter pick item would go on next monthís agenda.

The logs beside the interpretation board for the tippler was discussed. Steve was going to get compost and put plants in them. There are a few planters around the village and the responsibility for watering them was discussed. Some Wigan, some Shevington. But no-one was watering them now.

The bench which used to be beside the garages which have been taken down was discussed. The bench was put there by Joe Shovelton. Because it was in a sorry state it will be refurbished and positioned appropriately near its original position causing no offence to anyone.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm. Thanks to the Crooke Hall Inn for a much appreciated buffet.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at the Crooke Hall Inn at 7.00pm on Tuesday 10th July 2018.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for June 2018.

Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for May 2018

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 8th May 2018

Howard Cain, Mike Thomas, Derek Keen, Paul Green, Linda Kellie, Mike Smith, Hilda Snowden, Mandy Mousdell, Dawn Glyn, Charlie Neve, Kim Waine, Marlaine Whitham, Paul Collins, Morag Tebbit, Stephen Tebbit.

Anne Parkinson, Kathy Bradley, Christine Keen.

Matters Arising
Paul Collins had given NicolaĎs last name to Linda, Nicola Rigby.

Minutes of the April meeting
Minutes were proposed by Mike Smith, seconded by Charlie Neve, and agreed by all.

Ward Councillor
Howard informed the meeting of the sad loss of position as councillor for our ward, Mike Crosby who lost his seat at the local election on 3rd May. He will be sorely missed as he had been a superb councillor for 8 years.

Chairmanís Report
None given.

Vice Chairmanís Report
None given, but apologised for not attending the Community Association meeting as he had a prior arrangement.

Treasurerís Report
Morag said that she and Mike Thomas had closed the RBS account and given the secretary money for the insurance which had been paid. A final cheque for the balance of the account had been sent to Graham Foster. Mike Thomas was going to collect it. Then we can put the cheque into the Unify account.

Linda said she had contacted Adactus about the Breathe initiative, to fund raise for money for sleepers for Lawnís Wood etc. Paul Collins suggested she approach the Lottery fund. Charlie said he had tried that fund, Heinz, Kellogs and other options but had been knocked back because the CVRA is not a registered charity. Paul said other groups in the ward had been successful even though they were not charities, perhaps we could try again. Paul said for Linda to approach Nicola Rigby, who was responsible for Wigan in Bloom and the Big Eat, or Tracey Williams.

Ward Councillor Reports
Marlaine thanked Linda for taking on the initiative of RingandRide. Linda has leafleted the village about this service.

Marlaine told the meeting that there had been 2 IT sessions held for free in Shevington Library to bring people unsure of the IT services available to all. These had been well attended. More sessions were to be made available probably at a small cost. These sessions were/will be led by Wigan Digital Learning.

She told the meeting that since Damian Edwardson had left, the status of the Defib had been taken on by Lisa Stanway of the NW Ambulance service. Morag told the meeting she had been the named guardian. They had however approached Dean MacDonald of the pub, who was going to feedback regularly to Lisa the status of the defib. Lisa is responsible for the four defibs in our area. Marlaine told the meeting there was going to be a training session at the Methodist Church in Shevington on Tuesday July 3rd.

Lisa Stanway and our councillors will be present at the Shevington Fete on Saturday 30th June. On the first Saturday in August the Horticultural Show would take place.

Paul Collins told the meeting that the loss of Mike Crosby was immense. Mike had said that it was a privilege to work with the CVRA in the 8 years he had been a councillor. It was a privilege for the CVRA to have had Mike as a very caring, hardworking councillor. Mike would still be involved in a number of things in the ward. Paul went on to say that now the elections had been done, the Provision for Care in the community could be addressed. Care in the community is a big vision of the council. There was evidence that the insufficient number of young people, which led to the closure of the school, implied there would be a greater number of older people, maybe dementia sufferers. A public consultation would be started about the best way to use the school and land available after the closure of the Shevington County Primary School. MTH asked if the building and the land would be considered. The answer was yes. All possibilities would be addressed. Mike Smith asked about parking. That would be considered too.

Paul reminded the meeting about the forthcoming Duck Race at Appley Bridge on the 20th May.

5.01 Allotment
Mike Smith reported that it had been minuted in April that trees were going to arrive. He told the meeting that three small trees had arrived and that he and Steve Stock had planted them.

1) There had been discussion about weed killing or rotovation. It was decided that Mike Thomas would rotovate the allotment on Thursday 10th and Friday 11th of May. Mike would also take his rotovating machine round the edge of the field behind the village and make the path available and wider. WhatsAPP group would be summoned to provide more bodies as and when needed. Discussion followed about raised beds which had been in the original plan for the allotment. Mike Smith said that for the moment he was trying to keep things simple, but it was agreed that raised beds would still be a feature as they were to be an aid for accessibility to gardening for the less fit.

2) Mike wants it minuted that Steve Stock has been an immense help in keeping the allotment tidy and cared for. He has provided water and kept the grass cut regularly. Thank you Steve Stock and Kevin Price for his contribution too.

5.02 Allotment Memorial Garden Area.
Kath through Howard, suggested that there could an area on the allotment where people could plant flowers etc in memory of loved ones. Maybe small plaques could go on a bench. Discussion followed and Linda was uncomfortable about making a shrine, citing the memorial for the man who had committed suicide at the bridge over the Douglas River. Mike Th said that Wigan had given their approval for that. But the meeting concluded that everything would be low key and tasteful.

5.03 Shevington Fete 2018
The Shevington sub committee met and came up with excellent suggestions for making the Crooke stand at the Shevington Fete on the 30th June as interesting and welcoming as possible. Thank you to Dawn, Kim, Linda, and Paul Green. Linda proposed that a budget of £100 be available for items needed for this venture, MTh seconded this and it was agreed by all. Marlaine would send Howard a booking form for a £20 site.

On the 22nd May there will be a meeting of those involved with the Shevington Fete. In the Shevington Methodist Church at 7pm. All welcome.

Thank you Dawn and group for all your hard work.

Dawn proposed that £20 would be available for her to buy some herbs for the herb garden at the information board. Morag seconded this proposal, and it was agreed by all.

Steve told the meeting about the gate into the field between the nursery and the church. Discussion followed and it was agreed that the way in which had been left, it was dangerous and could easily be opened. Charlie had seen unwanted people viewing the possibilities for the use of the field. Paul Collins will investigate.

Steve also told the meeting of the damage done to the wooden rails of the canal bridge. MtH will look and tell Charlie, as this is the responsibility of the Canal and River Trust.

The bench, which used to be on the green in front of the sheds, now gone, was discussed. The ownership of it was asked. Joe Shovelton might know. Morag will ask him. The positioning of this bench will be addressed at the next meeting.

Steve mentioned the boggy area beside the swings. Howard said that this was on the list of things to do, and had not been forgotten.

Derek Keen told the meeting that he was disappointed that an historical wall had been taken down. Discussion followed and the outcome of the discussion was that the retaining wall would be rebuilt and a facade would be put on the dangerous wall and it would be made better than before.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm. Thanks to the Crooke Hall Inn for a much appreciated buffet.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at the Crooke Hall Inn at 7.00pm on Tuesday 12th June 2018.

As a final remark Howard welcomed everyone to Kath and her bandís final gig at the Crooke Hall Inn on Saturday 12th May. They are an excellent group. You cannot miss them. Please go.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for May 2018.

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