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Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for February 2018

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 13th February 2018

Howard Cain, Kath Bradley, Derek Keen, Mike Crosby, Charlie Neve, Anne Parkinson, Kim Waine, Mandy Mousdell, Hilda Snowden, Mike Smith, Marlaine Whitham, Joe Shovelton, Paul Green.

Linda Kellie, Mick Thomas, Morag Tebbitt, Sue Neve, Steve Tebbitt.

NB: No decisions can be made this evening as no quorum.

Matters Arising
Constitution – small changes have been made – cannot be signed off tonight. Passed around for review.

Fly tipping – has been reported. Stay vigilant.

Minutes of the January meeting
The minutes of the January meeting were proposed as an accurate record of the meeting by CN and seconded by MS and agreed by all.



Not in attendance

Vice Chairman

Attended Shevington District Meeting on 31.1.18.

• Mandy Wadsworth from Active Living gave a brief presentation on Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles which is aimed at    later life category and included a range of activities from home exercise programmes to community groups. HC    expressed interest to hear from them at a later meeting.
• W.I. Meet 4th Wed at Methodist Church Hall.
• Cameo meets 3rd Thursday at St Annes – aimed at widows/widowers.
• Last planting will be 9.11.18 for WW1 commemoration. Looking for suitable location. Jim Maloney from Shevington    & District Community Association has asked if the church can provide refreshments.
• Quiz night 22nd June pencilled in for WW1. £440 raised on night of last one.


Not in attendance


Not in attendance

Ward Councillors

Mike Crosby

• Marlaine’s first meeting in this capacity.
• Will continue to represent residents of Crooke.
• Big Spring Clean 2nd to 9th March. Previously provided litter pickers, high visibility jackets and bin bags. CVRA    have some high vis jackets. If need any extra equipment, let Mike Crosby know. Requested more litter picking    sticks. Mike will email Tracy Williams to request. Will drop off or leave in room at back of library. Shevington will    meet up at 10am on Sat 3rd meet up to make concerted effort to take it forward. Derek said canal is particularly    messy. Paul litter picked lower section last week. HC suggested Sat 3rd March for Crooke to get together to    instigate it also. Obtain access to lock up through Derek.

Marlaine Whitham

• Thanked everyone for support in the election.
• Bins and parking and speeding were issues raised by residents during their campaign leafleting.

• Speeding - Charlie spoke about speeding – signs on main road distracting from road signs – moved 20mph sign    more visible. Talked about the process of police half day speed camera. Advised that council get speed gun and    residents can do it but cannot enforce. 2 people need to be qualified – Morag is one. Records amount of vehicles    speeds, police review and decide if the info makes it worthwhile doing a proper investigation.

• Parking – HC spoke to Wigan Council if possible to put hatchings to show radius of corner. Mandy expressed that    elderly lady has van parked outside blocking her view. Belongs to No. 47. Have polite word with No. 47. Suggested    that anyone who has an issue contact PCSO first. Historic suggestion for wider entrance which was knocked back –    John Main kerbing entrance on his land at his own expense to try to stop traffic coming faster. Derek expressed    concern about scraping wheels when forced over. Bring suggestions forward to the next meeting.

New Items

02-01 M. Smith

CVRA Allotment -Latest update on the village project.

Weather has prevented further development. If wet weather continues we will need to review plans re preparing ground. Main thrust may have to be moved to later in the year. Got choice on shrubs and grasses being made. Glendale Horticultural Society – got meeting with them on Friday to discuss plans. Sowed idea that they may pass on slower selling items etc. Next month – will work on layouts of plots and an idea of what shrubs where. See what is in the lock up to see what tools available and what we may need to purchase. Steve has said we can use his shed as a water supply. Once weather cleared up could start a timeline video.

02-02 D. Keen

Plaque for Norman Hart.

Norman was a founder member of Co-op of Crooke. Joyce wife was secretary and Norman was chairman. Did a lot of work for the village. Passed away a year ago. Sandra had relayed that there was a plaque commemorating the work of the committee already on the corner and expressed concern that no single member should be highlighted. DK wishes to carry item forward. Joe said he would oppose the idea.

02-03 S. Tebbit

Proposed new bin near bench in fields (Defer until March)

02-04 D. Keen

Silver Gilt plaque for Britain in Bloom.

Wants plaque like Shevington – DK told could not have one attached to anything that is council owned. Possible to have it on marina wall but feel like should be able to have elsewhere. Marlaine will ask Margaret Carter who did it and how it was funded. MC said likely to received.

02-05 D. Keen

Participation in Britain in Bloom 2018.

DK wants to know if we are attending. Event is in July. Question raised about if we participate and when we would need to submit application by. Is 13th March enough time – defer to that meeting. Charlie noted it needs to be included in agenda for March. Charlie mentioned about getting planters back from the council. Copy of judge’s report – paths can be adapted for wheelchair access. Would need funding for that. Flood plain means that path will be soft and wet. Detailed proposal and map required for next meet. Add this item to the agenda too.

02-06 H. Cain

Shevington Fete 2018.

30th June is the date penciled in. Decision to be made about participation. Carry forward to March. Consider why we are participating and the aim. Could it be more purposeful could it garner support and engage people in what we are doing. HC will put forward a more detailed proposal for March. Paul said could take photo of allotment and Lawns Wood. Marlene gave outline of the plans. 3 marquees – plenty of space.

02-07 M. Tebbit

Xmas cards and notelets (Defer until March).

Paul said received bill reminder and went down to pay it with remainder of Xmas card sales. £510/£500. Emailed Mick to ask about his Xmas cards sales.


• Paul - Litter pick – 4 bags needed collecting – forgot to ask council. Email to Arthur Price. HC requested that Paul    will share contact details to share with the village. Paul having trouble with making web updates as there is a hitch    with programme update information. Hoping to sort out with a friend in the next few days.

• Charlie – contacted Paul Collins about fallen trees by the pipe bridge into river on this side of the weir. CRT was    contacted also – both came back and said that it is the responsibility of the Environment Agency. The    Environment Agency are in the process of handing that responsibility over to CRT & British Waterways and in the    meantime 2 more trees have fallen. This is causing a natural dam and means potential for flood to happen again.    Details have been sent to environment agency CRT and Paul Collins and a formal identification number has been    received. Charlie going to give 6 weeks and then he will follow up. Counterproductive for the dam that was erected    in Lawnswood to slow the inflow if the outflow is now being slowed.

• Charlie entrance gates to marina work being done. Entrance posts too narrow.

• Joe – moss on footpaths can we do anything about it. DK mentioned Wet and Forget - £22 for 5 litres.

• Howard – emails re Youtube video about Crooke village. URL is /aXHUW5_t1tA. KB suggested the link was put on    the website.

• HC – Beyond Wigan Pier – Charlie said it was on BBC news. George Orwell who wrote the Road to Wigan Pier.    Musical event on 27th April written and    performed by local people. Raising money as a demonstration of interest    in a new story of Wigan. £25,000 aimed for to continue with the bigger story.

The meeting closed at 8.20pm. There was a mix up with not requesting the buffet that had been prepared by Crooke Hall Inn. Apologies were offered.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on Tuesday the 13th March at 7.00.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for February 2018.

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