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Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for August 2018

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 14th August 2018

Mike Thomas, Morag Tebbit, Stephen Tebbit, Joe Shovelton, Mike Smith, Paul Green, Janet Brown (councillor), Marlaine Whitham, (councillor), Carol Miles, (parish councillor).

Hilda Snowden, Mandy Mousdell, Dawn Glyn, Kim Waine, Paul Collins, Howard Cain, Kath Bradley, Linda Kellie.

Matters Arising
Mike Thomas said that the outstanding issue of the shed and keys, should be rectified as soon as possible. Mike will see Graham and Derek to get the keys of the shed back. Then Mike will put on a new roof on the shed. He has the materials. Marlaine Whitham clarified details about the IT course, saying that people need not attend all 10 sessions, but could pay £4.50 per session. There was further discussion about the hedge between the road and the field, beside the bridge, which needs trimming. Janet had sent an email to Wigan but no work had been done. In AOB of the minutes of July, the bench was mentioned. Mike Thomas said a bench would be put back, renovated, within a metre of its original site.

Minutes of the July meeting
After adding the amendments to the July minutes, the minutes were proposed by Mike Smith, seconded by Paul Green, and agreed by all.

Chairman’s Report
Mike apologised for his absence due to his 5 week holiday in Cornwall.

Vice Chairman’s Report
Not present.

Treasurer’s Report
Linda gave her apologies for her absence, but sent a written report which is attached to the minutes.

Firstly apologies for absence!
I am awaiting a copy of the final closing statement of the RBS account, following its transfer to Unity, so am able to confirm at this stage our exact balance, however the unconfirmed amount is circa £900. I have refunded both Dawn Glynn and Mike Smith respectively for monies spent on the village herb patch and the community garden.
I have received no other invoices following requests made on previous meetings, so once a balance is confirmed following receipt of the closing statement, it will be accepted by me as Treasurer, as our balance.
There have been some technical issues regarding our application for Brighter Borough funding, however I have been kindly assisted by Paul Collins, so I am optimistic that our application will be submitted within the next two weeks. This funding is to support work to be carried out both in the community garden and the village as a whole I would appreciate a discussion as to who is prepared to carry out this work going forward, ahead of my submission.
Many thanks.

Ward Councillor
Marlaine told the meeting, that a meeting of the SDF (Strategic Development Framework) was planned for the 23rd August, at 6pm at St Wilfrid’s, at which councillors, members of the public, health practitioners, etc would discuss relevant issues and link with the local community. She mentioned that the Beat it Team would be in the area the week beginning the 27th August. Help in the allotment might be needed. Thank you to Marlaine. She also mentioned that the 635 bus was not operating to timetable. Many buses seemed to have not been in evidence, and that a bus every 12 minutes was not happening. Discussion followed. Smaller buses would be preferred. The larger buses, especially the double-deckers were causing damage to the sides of the road, especially at corners. Steve said a lot of people in the village were dependent on the 635 service.

Carol told the meeting that on Monday August 27th there would be a round Shevington walk to find out what needs doing where. Meet at the Methodist church at 10 am.

8.01 Community Garden/Allotment
The progress of the Community garden had not really changed much in the last month. It was being kept tidied and watered. Thank you to Steve Stock. Mike Thomas asked if Wigan Council could put in a standpipe. Joe said that there had never been a standpipe. Mike Thomas and Mike Smith will liaise to tackle ground preparation. A corner of the allotment needs work done to it. The fence needs attention and the ground needs scraping in preparation for the meadow lawn. MTh said 2 visits with mini digger would suffice and no extra help was needed for those actions but help would certainly be needed thereafter.

8.02 Speeding in the village
Kenny Mather had given the requisite essentials for carrying out the speed survey between 25th July and 8th August to Morag. She was helped by Steve Tebbit, Mike Smith, Linda Kellie and Paul Green. Mike Smith thanked Morag for her time to conduct this survey. The data was given to Kenny. He will put it on a database and work out what is happening. Hopefully the results will show that speeding does occur in the village, and what we can hope for is extra signage for the village, which would be in place for 6 months, and then another survey would be completed.

Discussion followed about putting white Stop lines on the un-adopted road as it met the adopted road after the cobbles, and putting a sleeping policeman on the village side of the bridge.

There was some discussion about the rubbish which was not being placed in the correct bins. Marlaine said she would give Morag recycling information, to be posted through doors explaining which bin takes what rubbish etc. Janet said that the council would not collect bins that contained the wrong rubbish.

Lawn’s Wood was discussed but this was Wigan Metro’s responsibility. Paul Collins has had no joy following this topic up. Janet said that the Y O Team (Young Offenders Team) might be used to put sleepers in Lawn’s Wood. She would liaise with Paul Collins. She would also get in touch with the leader of the Y O Team.

Morag mentioned Ira’s request for help for the Memorial Garden. Carol went on to explain that Ira wanted to make a heritage timeline, with etching on the flagstones, and she wanted QR recordings of ‘people from the past’. Janet mentioned getting a grant from Heritage for funding to tackle the drainage problem. This is probably not feasible. Carol went on to ask if anyone had photos of Shevington Hall, Fern Close. None seemed to be available. We commiserated with Joe about the loss of his ducks and hens to Mink. They are a big problem.

The meeting closed at 8.05 pm. Thanks to the Crooke Hall Inn for a much appreciated buffet.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at the Crooke Hall Inn at 7.00pm on Tuesday 11th September 2018.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for August 2018.

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