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Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for March 2019

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 12th March 2019

Mike Thomas, Linda Kellie, Morag Tebbit, Stephen Tebbit, Paul Green, Howard Cain, Dawn Glynn, Stacy Hughes, Joe Shovelton, Kath Bradley.

Sam Hughes, Peter Glynn, Sue and Charlie Neve, Dean MacDonald, Paul Collins, Janet Brown, Marlaine Whitham.

Howard proposed the minutes of the February meeting as a true record of the meeting, Steve seconded the motion and all agreed.

Matters Arising
Howard had paid £20 for the site at the Shevington Fete.

Ward Councillor’s Report
None attending.

Chairman’s Report
Mike told the meeting that not much remedial work had been done in the village due to the weather. No further concerns regarding Crooke approach. Parking will be monitored. Water levels in the village would be monitored. Paul Collins has been notified about villagers’ concerns. The culvert created re new pond appears to be effective. Mike had attended a Crooke Cruising Club meeting. He told the meeting that they would like to come together with CVRA to put on a Crooke social. Because the Commodore Nick Pope was a blood motor biker, taking bloods to various places in the North West, any event the CCC did, money was raised for this charity. It will discussed at a future CVRA meeting whether we do the same.

Vice Chair’s Report
Howard said that he had not attended the January meeting of the Shevington and District Assocation, but has handed in the application for the Fete. We had been given notices about Police Surgeries to be held in Shevington, too late for March, but we will be able to put in the notice board and the pub, notices of meetings as they come up and the relevant telephone numbers etc.

Treasurer’s Report
Linda told the meeting that she will bring a detailed account of the finances to the next meeting. All issues had been resolved.

Secretary’s Report
Linda was taking notes as Morag has dislocated her shoulder and broken her arm in two places, after a fall. It will take up to three months to heal.

Agenda Items
03.01 Signage
Morag had done a speed awareness course last June and with a number of helpers had done a speed survey of cars coming in and out of Crooke. Signage had been put up in Crooke, concerning “slow down”, 20mph etc. This had proved worthwhile. These signs would be up in Crooke for 6 months. Morag was asked to do a speed survey on the Wigan Lower Road in January, after which signage was put up there. Unfortunately as the signs in Crooke were only up for 6 months, our signage wen t up on Wigan Lower Road. She wrote Kenny Mather who is the engineer responsible for signage etc, who assured her that the signage would be reinstated as it had made a difference. She also told Kenny about the 30/20 mph sign at the entrance of the village which had been turned round. That would be rectified. She proposed that CVRA buy two ‘20’s plenty’ signs to be erected in the village. Stacey said she would approach the nursery regarding speeding in the village and getting them involved. The problem of cigarette butts and rubbish around a bench on the field was discussed.

03.02 CHANT
Dawn told the meeting there were 3 workshops arranged for Saturday 13th April, 2 -4 pm, Saturday May 11th 2-4 pm, and June 8th 2-4 pm at the Methodist Church. Two workshops would be stitch based, and one flower based. Dawn proposed a £4 fee be asked for. Morag seconded that motion and all agreed. Dawn told the meeting that CHANT had been set up to make everyone socially aware and to let all people access facilities in the village. She said consideration should be given to extending remit to mindfulness. And also consider funding options for after the summer. DG to progress this idea.

03.03 Village Social
Howard told us that he had loads of ideas, including a traditional race day. Discussion followed about content of day and naming of day. Dates were going to be researched so as not to clash with other events. The CCC could be asked to join in. So Howard proposed we have a village social, Dawn seconded this and all agreed.

03.04 Shevington Fete 22nd June.
Howard has already mentioned this in his report. Items needed for a tombola was to be researched, and other working groups were going to meet regarding activities to be done at fete.

03.05 Allotments Update
Pete Glyn has made a gate. He requests that signage be made to tell people about the allotment. Steve has an appropriate sign. Joe asked Mike about coppicing fruit trees. This will be done.

03.06 Village Welcome Flyer
Stacey told the meeting that the welcome pack/newsletter was progressing. She said that a Facebook page had been set up. Thank you Stacey. This would highlight events, happenings etc in the village. This page would be available to a few invited people and content would be scrutinised and security would be of the utmost importance. The 4 committee members would be administrators. The Facebook link would be added to the agenda.

Stacey was going to investigate an Easter Egg hunt, probably using the QRs.

The piece of land up for sale which is next to the pub was discussed, but the CVRA can’t do anything about it.

The meeting closed at 8.40 pm. Thanks to the Crooke Hall Inn for a much appreciated buffet.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at the Crooke Hall Inn at 7.00pm on Tuesday 9th April 2019.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for March 2019.

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