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Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for April 2018

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 10th April 2018

Howard Cain, Mike Thomas, Mike Crosby, Derek Keen, Paul Green, Lynda Kellie, Mike Smith, Hilda Snowden, Mandy Mousdell, Joe Shovelton, Dawn Glyn, Charlie Neve, Kim Waine.

Anne Parkinson, Kathy Bradley, Morag Tebbit, Steve Tebbit, Marlaine Whitham, Christine Keen, Paul Collins.

Matters Arising

Minutes of the March meeting
Minutes were voted as a true record, and agreed by all.

Ward Councillor
Mike Crosby said he had requested the council to assess action list for jobs to be done in Lawns Wood, ie steps, paths and general maintenance.

Mike Crosby reported on 1) potholes. Discussion followed about heavy traffic. The issue was not being ignored. Mike C encouraged the public to keep reporting. 2) Mike C reminded the meeting of the local elections coming up, and to register a vote.

Action List
Any requests for list please add on WhatsApp or update any members. Feel free to crack on with current jobs. Action - Howard to email list to Paul Collins and post through doors.

Derek Keen requested 1 day for volunteers. (Nicola ..... also the Beat It team), Paul Collins to advise who to contact.

Wood chippings were required.

Chairmanís Report
None given. But Mike said he had been unable to attend committee or district meetings. But welcome back, Mike. Mike said he would collect a dustbin from the council.

Treasurerís Report
Lynda said that an account with Unity Bank, was opened with Linda, Mike Th, Howard, and Morag as signatories, out of which 2 would be required for any transaction. Proof of address, and photo ID to be completed at closure/transfer.

4.01 Allotment
Mike Smith reported that:-

1) He was waiting for the removal of rubbish before he could concentrate on the soft fruit area.

2) The meadow lawn would be done in October.

3) He does not want to use weed killer.

4) He was going to cut down branches of a big tree in the middle of the allotment. Offers of help had been received this weekend.

5) The rotavating had started but it was still too wet.

6) The fruit trees were ready to stake out.

7) Mike was going to await confirmation of size and delivery times for the trees. He would love someone to help.

The compost heap was discussed - this should be turned over. As it was it was not being used. MS and MC to meet to discuss what will happen to compost heap.

4.02 Social events for Crooke Village
No details entered.

4.03 Shevington Fete 2018
Discussion followed about who could help, and a date in May would be arranged for those willing to organise the stall, photographs, etc and share ideas.

4.04 Ring and Ride scheme
Linda had attended the meeting and shared the leaflet. See attached.

Linda proposed that there would be a drop of leaflets about this service, seconded by Paul Green, and agreed. People must have registered to use the service, as a single, or a group.

To get in touch, phone 0161 2006011 or 0845 688 4933. The website for information and to register is

4.05 Xmas cards and Notelets
Paul Green showed the meeting samples, which could be used for fund raising at Shevington Fete.

Charlie Neve attended an Environmental Agency meeting on the 27th February. Paul Collins and Gareth Hamlet had also attended. The conclusion of discussion was, despite 4 trees having fallen, and there might be a possible impact on flooding to the area, there was not a damming risk, but the natural processes would continue to be monitored. The eroded area, and fallen trees by the culvert was also discussed. Further negotiations with the Canal and River Trust would be followed up by Gareth Hamlet.

PCSO Leanne Winnard has WhatsAPP group to report to.

Dawn submitted to Linda the total of £60 profit from her CHANT work.

Thank you Dawn for all the work you did for CHANT and subsequently work you are continuing to do in the village.

And thank you Dawn for writing the notes for the meeting. Hope I have interpreted the notes accurately.

There is a meeting for volunteers for manning the Crooke stall at the Shevington Fete at 7 pm on the 2nd May in the Crooke Hall Inn.

The meeting closed at 8.30 pm.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at the Crooke Hall Inn at 7.00pm on Tuesday 8th May.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for April 2018.

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