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Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for October, both the AGM and ordinary meeting 2018

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 9th October 2018

Mike Thomas, Paul Green, Morag Tebbit, Steve Tebbit, Linda Kellie, Kim Waine, Mandy Mousdell, Anne Parkinson, Joe Shovelton, Councillor Marlaine Whitham.

Councillor Paul Collins, Councillor Janet Brown, Howard Cain, Kath Bradley, Mike Smith.

Chairmanís Report.
MTh welcomed everyone to the meeting. He told the meeting that Howard had been in touch and because of other commitments felt he could not commit to being vice chair. Mike apologised for lack of agendas, but confessed he was not good at administrative issues and had put that task on to Howard. Mike told the meeting that Derek Keen had been a stalwart, worked hard, enhancing Crooke Village but regrettably was leaving the village and buying a house in Shevington. He went on to say that people in the past had said they would do things but all had faded out. In his work in the village he had heard that some people found it uncomfortable meeting in the pub. In the past the meetings had been held in the pub, at the marina, and in the Crooke Methodist Church Hall. Mike then stood down, and stood Howard down too. Linda took over the meeting.

Vice Chairmanís Report
Howard was not present at the meeting.

Secretaryís Report.
The secretary thanked everyone also and said it was a privilege to work as secretary for the association.

Then she stepped down.

Treasurerís Report
Linda explained her treasurerís report. She had considered applying for Brighter Borough money but had refrained from doing so as enthusiasm in the village for new projects had abated so everything is on hold. See attachments.

Then she stepped down.

Councillorís Report
Marlaine thanked everyone for all the work they have done in the village. Crooke is an quiet oasis in an urban area. The bulbs for manually planting in the village were on their way. Mossbank should have another village contact now that Derek had retired.

Paul apologised for his lack of presence in the litter picking etc in the village but he missed the contact with Derek. He also has personal problems. Mike told him to concentrate on himself, and that he supported Paul in all he did. The website would carry on as usual.

Election of Officers.
Morag asked if Mike was prepared to take on the role of Chairman. He said yes if nominated. Paul Green proposed that Mike be nominated for chairman, Steve Tebbit seconded the motion. We all agreed. Mike asked if Linda would be prepared to carry on as treasurer, if nominated. She said yes. Anne Parkinson proposed that Linda be nominated as treasurer, Mandy Mousdell seconded the motion, all agreed, and Linda accepted the post of treasurer. Mike asked Morag if she was prepared to carry on as secretary. She said yes. Steve Tebbit proposed that she should be secretary, Kin Waine seconded the motion, all agreed, and Morag accepted the position of secretary. The position of vice chair is now vacant.

Mike told the meeting there might be interest in the position but as no one at the meeting was prepared to take up the post it was agreed to leave the position vacant and we would decide at the next meeting if anyone showed an interest in taking up the position of vice chair.

The minutes for the October 2017 AGM were proposed as a true record by Kim Waine, seconded by Joe Shovelton, and agreed by all.

The meeting closed at 7.50 pm.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at the Crooke Hall Inn at 7.00pm on Tuesday 13th November 2018.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for October 2018.

The October ordinary meeting followed on the AGM.

As there was no agenda. A number of topics were talked about. They were to be put on next monthsí agenda. Discussion followed about the need for an agenda to be circulated 2 weeks before the meeting. As Howard was so longer vice chair, Morag, secretary, took on the role as agenda setter. All items to be put on the agenda please get to her well in advance of the November meeting.

The first topic to be discussed at this meeting was Christmas cards. There are still 50 packs available to sell, at £5 a pack. There would be no more made. Paul was in the process of making notelets, blank cards with photos of the village on them He gave a receipt to Linda for materials acquired for said purpose. He passed round 3 sets of beautiful photographs of Crooke, focussing on the seasons which were to be used on the notelets. Mike and Paul will liaise on which ones Paul would use. Thank you Paul for being so industrious.

Joe Shovelton told the meeting of the terrible mossy pavements in the village. The council in the past came along the village spraying weed killer on the pavements up to the walls of the houses. Linda said the paths around the field were also overgrown. There was not enough room for a buggy to travel on the path. Serious heavy work was needed to clean them up. Mike said he and Derek had bought weed killer and done some of the work themselves. But that source was gone since Derek is no longer involved in the CVRA. Mike would use his brush cutter and tackle the worst of the problem round the field, and at the edge of the marina in the coming week. Marlaine said she would make enquiries in the council. Mike had asked Janet for Peter Hollinrakeís contact details but he had not got them. Marlaine said she would try and find out. Morag said she would find out too.

A welcome pack was mentioned by Paul, who had produced one to give to new people to the village. Steve said he had been approached by Americans about where Woodcock Row was. He told them and told them about the QRs. Mike had also been approached by visitors.

Linda said she would make a flier to be delivered to villagers.

The meeting closed at 8.10.

The next meeting will be held on the 13th November. Venue to be arranged.

Items for the November agenda are to be given to Morag by the third week in October in order to be in the public domain two weeks before the November 13th meeting.

Proposed items for the agenda - Vacant vice chair position; Christmas Senior Lunch; notelets; The future of the CVRA/events in the village.

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