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Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for September 2019

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 10th September 2019

Mike Thomas, Morag Tebbit, Steve Tebbit, Linda Kellie, Janet Brown.

Howard Cain, Marlaine Whitham.

Mike Thomas proposed the minutes of the July meeting as a true record of the meeting. Steve Tebbit seconded the motion and all agreed.

Matters Arising
Janet had got together 8 working laptops, and 8 mice for the courses for the Digital Learning courses starting Wednesday 11th September at the Shevington Library, from 8.30 – 2pm. “The Terrified” course and “The Beginners” course.

Ward Councillor’s Report
Janet told the meeting:- 1) She had talked to Liz Parrot and Karen Hewit and was told that the steps to Lawn’s Wood would be repaired. It came under Land Management as it was not a public footpath. If it was not repaired by the beginning of winter the issue of the steps would be raised again as it would be considered a slip hazard.

2) She had brought up the subject of grass cutting which had been done badly, but they had come back and done it again. The machines were probably in need of maintenance as they were not cutting cleanly.

3) Parish councillors had done the walk around the parish and said that the play park was in good order, better than Shevington Park. It was weed free.

Thank you Janet for your tireless work you do for CVRA.

Chairman's Report
Mike told the meeting that he had been co-opted on to the Parish Council and would endeavour to attend meetings and walks. He had a copy of the report written after the last walk and would provide a copy. He said that the Parish Councillors said the hedge between the field and the road was very untidy. As it was their responsibility Janet would revisit this issue and get them to trim the hedge to their satisfaction. In the past it was CVRA who did the work but it had been left as we were told by the RSPB that birds be might be nesting there and so to leave it until September.

Vice Chair’s Report
No in attendance.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer said there was no change in the last minuted account from treasurers report but requested:

1) Funds made at the Shevington Fair be given to her as soon as possible.
2) As the shed on the allotment was purchased by Peter Glynn he therefore needs to be reimbursed.
3) And were there any costs that Dawn incurred?
4) Mike Thomas proposed that Linda pays Pete, Steve Tebbit seconded it and all agreed.

Secretary’s Report
None given.


Steve Tebbit told the meeting that Dean had said that the brewery might pay for CCTV cameras to be installed on the corner of the pub looking four ways, up the village, down the village , across the canal and towards the field.

He also said that a mirror could be placed at the entrance to the village on Dan Chapman’s land, by The Owd Barn garage. Funding could come from a number of sources. Mike Thomas will speak to John Maiden. Wigan Council would not put a mirror on any of their property as they said the mirrors might cause an accident.

The meeting asked the secretary to ask John Whitely and John Ball to the next meeting to discuss funding.

These two items raised in AOB would be put on next month’s agenda.

On the subject of agendas, with no agenda produced for this meeting, Mike Thomas proposed that it was essential that as the three committee members present, i.e. Mike Thomas, Linda Kellie and Morag Tebbit, we all agree that the procedure which was put in place whereby the committee members meet two weeks prior to the CVRA meeting to put items on the agenda for the next meeting and distribute it to the village so that villagers could see that there was a meeting scheduled, and an agenda was made public so it could be discussed.

This meeting was poorly attended as it had not been publicised, with no agenda delivered to people in the village.

The meeting closed at 8.10 pm. Thanks to the Crooke Hall Inn for a much appreciated buffet.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at the Crooke Hall Inn at 7.00pm on Tuesday 10th September 2019 with the AGM in the first part of the meeting, and the monthly meeting in the second part.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for September 2019.

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