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Crooke Village Residents Association Meeting Minutes for December 2018

Crooke Village Residents Association
Crooke Hall Inn
7:00pm. Tuesday 11th Decembber 2018

Mike Thomas, Linda Kellie, Morag Tebbit, Stephen Tebbit, Paul Green, Janet Brown, councillor, Stacey Hughes, Howard Cain, Kim Waine.

Councillors Paul Collins and Marlaine Whitham, Charlie and Sue Neve and Sam Hughes.

Matters Arising
1) The Beat It team had been and did the trimming back of the weeds encroaching the path round the field. It still needs shaping but the team did a good job.

2) The cleaning of the pavement on Tuesday 20 th November. Howard said that someone had come to the village just before lunch with his small machine, moved for a short while up one bit of pavement and then crossed the road and did the same thing on the pavement on the other side of the road. Morag had asked everyone who usually parked on the pavements to move the cars on to the street, and remove any pots on the pavements to allow the pavement cleaning to be done. This had been done. But the cleaning has not been done. The moss and weeds are still very evident on the pavements. Janet said she would contact Arthur Price to see what could be done. Arthur Price telephone number is 01942 705141 and his email address is Also as Wigan is responsible for clearing dangerous leaves at the top end of the village Janet would mention that too.

Discussion followed about the B lines, cycle tracks around Standish, Shevington, Crooke and towpaths proposed to be built soon. If there were cycle ways the surfaces of the roads and towpaths needs to be discussed, also the lighting of them. Stacey asked about impact assessments, if they were going to happen. There was discussion about making the Bends road safe for pedestrians. Paul Collins had investigated this and this had been discussed in the past, but the cost was prohibitive. Standish wants the road from the M6 to be de-designated as a route from the M6 into Wigan. The number of huge lorries on the bends road was dangero us to pedestrians, cars, trees and structures alike. There was mention that the blocked road near Heinz be unblocked, so as to allow lorries going to Heinz having a direct route from the M6 and therefore would not need to use other routes, like going down through Shevington or through Standish. Local residents should be in consultation with Wigan council and Heinz.

Mike Thomas said we should invite Shevington Council to our January meeting to discuss these issues.

Howard said he would liaise with Janet about “Shared Lives”. This had not happened yet.

Ward Councillor’s Report
Janet said she was still waiting for quotes concerning Lawn’s Wood. Linda and Steve both said that Lawn’s Wood in its existing state was dangerous. Discussion followed and Janet was going to talk with Liz Parry and John Williams about getting Lawn’s Wood to be shut to the public. Paul and Mike have cleared the paths as much as they are able but the basic fact is that Lawn’s Wood is dangerous.

Chairman’s Report
Mike told the meeting that he was trying to get more people involved, especially boating people. He was working with the Crooke Cruising Club to tidy the area between their boats and the Interpretation Board. He suggested someone from the CVRA attend the CCC meeting. Kim said she would work with Linda concerning this.

Vice Chair’s Report
Howard talked about next year’s Shevington Fete on Saturday 22nd June 2019. The positioning of CVRA stand was not good at this year’s fete. Discussion followed about the reasons why we have a stand. The meeting came to the conclusion that we as a group must look forward, attract more people to be active in the village, and start putting forward fund raising events, more social events etc. This will be put on the January agenda.

Treasurer’s Report
Linda told the meeting that she was still in the process of putting a report together about the accounts. The meeting of Mike, Howard, Linda and Morag regarding this issue and producing agendas unfortunately did not take place. This was rescheduled for the 28th December at 11 am at Howard’s house.

Secretary’s Report
None given.

12.01 Seniors Christmas Lunch
Howard had delivered a pro forma to the residents asking who would like to attend and what they want to eat at the lunch. The completed forms had to be posted through Morag’s door by Thursday 13th December. So far 18 had responded. Howard would take the forms to Dean MacDonald on Thursday.

12.02 Fund Raising
Linda had tried to access Brighter Borough Funding via Janet re funding of the Christmas lunch but the procedure did not work but Linda would try again. General fund raising issues and ideas would be put on January’s agenda.

12.03 Welcome Flyer
Linda and Sam were still in the process of producing a Crooke Newsletter. Paul said he would send previous ones that had been done in the past to Linda. Janet suggested it might take the form like the Shevington Newsletter. Linda said it would be put in the notice board every month and Paul would put it on the website.

Paul Green has 3 packs of 4 notelets left. He had sold 12 packs of Christmas cards. Again thank you Paul for making and selling these cards.

Mike suggested that as Howard is so very busy that Morag as secretary should take on the responsibility of producing the agendas and she would be point of contact for any suggestions. The committee would meet near the end of the month to discuss issues, and the agendas would be distributed as stated before, two weeks before the meeting and also put in the notice board.

The meeting closed at 8.20 pm. Thanks to the Crooke Hall Inn for a much appreciated buffet.

Next Meeting
The next meeting will be at the Crooke Hall Inn at 7.00pm on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

This concludes the the account of the minutes for December 2018.

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