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A trip around Crooke Village.

Please take a tour of our village, both past and present.

Better still, pay us a visit and see for yourself

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks to Singaporemick, he passed through the village recently and shot this movie on his camera and posted it onto YouTube. With his concent, I have been allowed to add his movie into this page.

The Dedication of the Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee Commemerative Stone.

I have put together a slide show and a video of the events of that day, the 8th of September 2012. Thanks to Greg Liptrot and Morag Tebbit for their picture contributions. The slide show runs for about 5 minutes and the video runs for just over 35 minutes. Because of the size of the video, I have had to cut it in to three parts, so sit back and enjoy the day as we did.

And now for the film.

We now have an addition to our video collection thanks to Peter Goodwin from Traditional Films. I will let him explain:-

I'm very glad your website is doing so well. It is no surprise to me as it is a very good one - comprehensive and regularly updated.

The film that I've uploaded to YouTube is just over five years old. It was one section of the 'Our Story - Shevington with Lower Ground' DVD that I made with John O'Neill back in 2012. So the interview with Jim Haynes is from 2012 - I think he was still Chair of the Residents Association at the time of the interview.

John O'Neill asked me to make the 'Our Story - Shevington with Lower Ground' DVD back in 2012 as he had done a lot of historical research about Shevington and wanted to share this. He wanted local people to understand more about the history of the whole Shevington area so as to promote pride in the community, and also to celebrate the efforts of present-day volunteers in the community.

So the film is meant to be a short introduction to Crooke and its history as one part of a longer film about the whole District of Shevington.

I've put this five year old film up on YouTube just in case some people might be interested to watch it. I'm sure a lot has happened in Crooke over the last five years since the film was made. And I know you have a lot more historical information than I've got in my film. You might feel it's out of date or not detailed enough. It's up to you whether you feel it's something you want to point people towards or not.

Kind regards


PS. The full DVD is still on sale at Shevington Library or by emailing me at

Has someone died, Grandad?, the young boy asked.

After the Queen's Commemorative Stone had been delivered, members of the village came together to finish its dressing. While this was taking place, Mark from 'Bennie's site', was passing through the village with his Grandson, Mike and he took a short length of film of the work being done. Mike, after watching for a while, not knowing what exactly was happening, asked his Grandad, "Has someone died Grandad?". Mark has kindly allowed me to post his video clip on our site.

The Crooke Beer, Boat and Music Festival.

Over the weekend of 21st to the 23rd of September, this years Beer, Boat and Music Festival was run at the rear of the Crooke Hall Inn and was well supported. Greg and Jenny Liptrot, the Landlord and Landlady of the pub got everything organised in a short space of time as they have only recently taken up residency of the pub. The event was well attended and the slide show that I put together is posted below. The music on the video was performed by 'Joyful and the Playboys'.

Walking Through History, The Leeds to Liverpool Canal with Sir Tony Robinson.

This next clip was shot by Olly who usually posts his videos on his Facebook page under the name of Skywalk Aerialography. He has kindly concented to me posting his filming of the Kennet while it was birthed in Crooke Village en-route to Liverpool from Leeds commemorating the opening of the canal on the 22nd of October 1816, 200 years ago.


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