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What's New

Further additions will be mentioned here to help you find them more easily.

Today, the 19th March 2019, the following pages have been altered. 'CVRA Minutes', 'Minutes Archive', 'Forthcoming Events', 'CHANT' and 'Latest Additions'pages.

The 'Community', 'Village Achievements', 'C.H.A.N.T' and the 'The History of Crooke' pages are the only four pages that are added to at the end. C.H.A.N.T for the time being is no hold.

If I have made any name errors within my reports, I would be grateful if you would contact me so that I can make any necessary alterations. My email address can be found at the top of the 'Links' page. Thank you.

Welcome to our international visitors. This month, we have been visited by members of the following countries. United States, Russia, Cape Verde, Australia, China, Spain, Croatia, India, Mexico, Taiwan and Ireland. If you think you might have something to contribute, you will find my email address at the top on the 'Links' page.

Since my last posting, we have had 326 visitors to our site over the last two months. 91.67% of visitors were British.

Thank you for your continued support.

I am sorry for the delay in posting. I missed last month because of technical problems with my machine but all appears to be running normally again.


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