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Can you help the village?

We are asking members of the village if they could spare a couple of hours here and there to help maintain the good looks of the village? It is surprising how much can be done in a short space of time, like a couple of hours! We have just distributed a flyer asking for help and if you can and would like to help, please contact Derek and he will let you know what needs doing? Your assistance would be greatfully appreciated?

Suggestion Slip

At this October's AGM for 2016, The Crooke Village Residents Association, Dawn presented the meeting with a Suggestion Slip which everyone is invited to fill in and hand in to the association's secretary Morag at 76 Crooke Road. We hope you will take this opportunity to have your say?

WAYS OF CONTACTING THE POLICE Especially about Antisocial Behavoiour.

If anyone has any concerns with regard to anything you think suspicious in peoples behaviour or their activities, do not be afraid of reporting it to the Police. He gave us a card with Police numbers on that you can contact should you feel the need to report anything and they are posted below. Barry also advised us that there is a surgery held on the first Wednesday of every month in the Library in Shevington, where you can present your concerns. The surgery timings are from 1.30pm to 3.30pm and the next surgery will be on Wednesday, 2nd of March.

It is in everyones interest to be vigilant and to be security concious. With all the proposed Government cuts and reduction in services, the lack of job opportunities and all round harder times, some people are going to suffer from other peoples indiscressions, so look out for yourselves and your neighbours. Crooke, so far, has not been a victim, so let us try to keep it that way.

The police have now introduced a new telephone number for everyone to use instead of 999?

For Information.

SGT. Nicola Williams      0161 856 7181

P.C. Shaun Robinson             

PCSO Barry Smith             

PCSO Simone Tennant          01618567124      EXT       67124

PCSO Helene Weatherburn          =       =       =


Neighbourhood News.

The new Wigan West Community Matters bulitin is posted here below.

When and if I receive another news bulitin, I will post it below.


Your Local Councillors

Here are your local councillors with their contact details. If you have any issues, they will be more than willing to help. Please feel free to contact them if you think they can help you?



On the 19th of February 2013, an open meeting was held to listen to a presentation about Smartwater. This product is supported by the Crime Prevention department within the police force. By March, village signage was being arranged and the product had been delivered before the April meeting. If you are interested in having some Smartwater for yourself, it can be obtained through the Resident's Association or via the Crime Prevention Office. The cost will depend on the quantity required?


Crooke Village QR.

In the upstairs and cellar bar of the Crooke Hall Inn, you will find a notice advertising that the Crooke Village website has a QR. A QR means quick response which works in a similar way like a Barr Code. See the picture below. These QR’s can be read by any Ipod or an android phone via an ‘App’ called a QR reader which are freely available from ‘Play Store’ a site on the internet. Once a QR has been scanned via the ‘App’, the site will be identified and your phone will ask you if you wish to go to that site. Click on yes, and that designated page on the website will open on your phone.

To add to this, On the 1st June 2016 new QR History Trail has now been installed. The first QR has been mounted at the entrance to the village, just before the marina where there is a small sign next to it advising the viewer where it begins. Below are three pictures showing the first QR and the second a location picture followed by a map of the village showing the locations of the others. There are 11 QRs in all, QR1 is just an introduction to the experience and the last has been mounted at the entrance to Lawns Wood. We hope you will give it a try?


One of the nicest places in England.

Phyllis Prior-Boardman, the Chief Executive of Green Deal Consortia Ltd and Medallist of the ‘Order of the British Empire’ for energy efficiency, expressed her view that Crooke is one of the nicest places in England as well as being her favourite place. This article was printed in the Wigan Evening Post on the 9th June and she was quoted as saying that “Crooke is her favourite place in England”.

The Silver Line.

The Silver Line is a registered charity in the UK that enables lonely people to have company. Councillor Paul Collins brought into the Crooke Village AGM meeting a brochure advertising the service to encourage those who can to contact those who are lonely. The brochure, posted below, gives you all the details and how you can participate. Sandra Makin has also been around the village delivering the same message.


Pensioners Link

In a bid to help pensioners to meet people and make new friends, The Pensioners Link has ben set up to help those who would wish to take advantage of this service. If you would like to know more, please ring Sue on 01942 261753 who will give you more information to help you or someone you know, to make a decission. Charlies Coffee Factory is at 80 Market Street, Hindley WN2 3JU. every Wednesday between 2.30 to 4.00pm

Wigan Borough/council Care & Repair programme

Wigan council has brought into being a project that is designed to help you to get help with thing like repairs, building projects like having a new bathroom fitted, repairing ill fitting windows plus all manner of things to do with your household. The leaflets below explain everything for you and if there is any doubt to see if the council can help, all you have to do is give them a call. The leaflets are self explanatory but there are three areas, as I read it, two they can help you and one is questionable.

If you are council tenant whether you are receiving benefit or not, they can help you. If you are a house owner and you need help with repairs of maintenance, they again can probably help but if you are a tennant within a housing association, you may have a little more difficulty with using their services. If you are in any doubt, just give them a call.

In my opinion, it seems like this is an expansion of 'The Deal' brought in by the council to help communities help one another only this is aimed at the tenant or house holder, for your benefit.

Very soon, these leaflets will be delivered through your door so you can read and see for yourselves how the council can help. See below.

Within the 'Affordable Warmth leaflet, there is a detachable piece with a form you can fill in to request financial support. If you think you are eligible, just fill it in and send it off. Remember, if you are a tenant of a housing association, like Adactus, you may not be eligible? See a copy of the form below along with the address to where to send it below that.

The Brick, Not just for Christmas, but on going.

I have been forwarded this message to ask you to help those who are less fortunate than yourselves what ever their circumstances. Your donations will be greatfully received, and thank you.

I have left this notice on because this is not just for Christmas but all year round. It was posted at Christmas to remind you that there are those out there who are in this situation who need continuing support and this is not going to go away so your help will be grealy appreciated? Thank you.

The Christies Memorial to Nathan.

A little while ago, I posted some pictures of the memorial spot built by family members to commemorate the passing of Nathan Christy. Since then, they have improved on their memorial which is situated by the side of the River Douglas at the bridge crossing at the eastern end on the village where Nathan passed away. It is a quiet spot where, if you wish to linger, where one can gather ones thoughts, sit a while allowing one to reflect. It is now a pleasant spot.

Since I posted these pictures, I think it is near to Nathan's aniversery so more flowers and a bedding plant box have been added, so I thought to share them with you.


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